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İ have not had a problem since living in Turkey for almost 4 years, that is until this year (2014) when in September , my birthday , three parcels went missing . According to the UK post offices , they had left England and that it was now Turkeys fault and had to deal with the parcels . The Uk post offices refunded my sister 20 pounds only yet the parcel she sent cost alot more . My friend only got a small refund too , her parcel also cost more than the refund itself.
Now Christmas is here we have many expats out here being sent parcels from family and friends from the UK.

İ have just signed a paper from the PTT man stating that my parcel is here in Turkey but it is all the way over on the end of the European side . İ live on the Asian side and so it will take a long journey to get to where my parcel is. My parcel arrived at that depot on the 8th December and they have kept it there all this time only to give me a piece of paper to sign . İt is now the 22nd December .

Since my complaints of this year keep happening , more and more expats have come forward claiming they too have had severe problems with parcels going missing etc .
We are informed that the people at the airports are stealing them .

İ want people to sign this petiton in order for something to be done urgently about this issue as alot of money is going to waste and people back in the UK are now afraid to post ANYTHİNG to us in Turkey.  İf you or anybody you know have had problems with Turkey coming to yours or their door with things that belong to you then PLEASE sign this , post to your facebook walls and share in expat groups and with friends who you know spend time or live in Turkey . Please also post to those who send often to Turkey . ANYTHİNG AT ALL wether its just English food bits or gifts of expense. We need to put a stop to theives !

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